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I can’t send any more messages, what is this Spam/Jerkface thing? (direct link)

You’ve likely just joined the site and have been sending a lot of friend requests to people you know, sent a lot of messages, and/or commented on a lot of photos (to people who are not on your friends’ list yet). When this happens, the FetLife system puts you on a small timeout.

If this is the case, you have to wait a few hours and then try again and everything will be back to normal.

We know it can be annoying at times but we both hate spam and wankers and this is one way we keep FetLife from turning into a big ole spam and wank fest.

I’ve seen some text formatting, how can I do this? (direct link)

Just check out our text formatting guidelines. From there you can even take our text formatting tricks for a spin.

How do I delete or archive a Message? (direct link)

Just way too much correspondence to sift through, huh? What a great problem to have! And we have some tools to help you with it.

To delete a message, just open the message you want to delete by clicking on the subject line of the message. Now scroll down to the bottom of the message and below the text window you will see some buttons.

"Archive Conversation" will put in in your Archive so you can save it for later.

"Delete" will delete the message and once you do that, it will not ever come back. Just confirm you want it deleted and it will become history.

How can I find messages I archived or sent? (direct link)
From your inbox page (https://fetlife.com/conversations) there will be an "All Mail" link at the top, just below the "Inbox - Conversations" header.

When you click on "All Mail" it shows you everything you have sent (even without a response), received and archived.

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